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Interview with Paul Allen on Idea Man

[] When he's not jamming with Mick Jagger or cheering on one of the professional sports teams he owns, investor and philanthropist Paul Allen spends his days exploring the world's final frontiers: outer space, the oceans, and the human brain. He and Bill Gates bonded in high school over their love of computers and went on to cofound Microsoft, the tech phenomenon that brought them both enormous riches (Forbes estimates Allen's personal fortune to be upward of $13 billion). Leaving the company in 1983 after a lymphoma diagnosis, he then experienced a 2009 recurrence of the disease that spurred him to write a memoir. The finished product, Idea Man, includes Allen's version of the Microsoft creation story and goes on to describe his recent adventures spearheading commercial spaceflight, manning his private submarine, and cultivating neuroscience research. Allen chatted with Goodreads founder Otis Chandler about the advance of technology and how soon we can expect true artificial intelligence...More

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